How to Choose the Right Shallow Water Skiff

Posted by Dolphin Boats on Jul 28, 2014

photo_dolphinsBuying a flats boat is not always the easy task which people make it out to be.  Choosing the boat that is a perfect for your needs is important as this is an investment you should enjoy for a very long time.

One of the biggest errors that novice fishermen make is that they try and use a deep water boat or some other variation for shallow water fishing.  First and foremost if the boat has not capsized or run aground due to its incompatibility with the depth of the water, then you undoubtedly have scared the fish away due to the boat’s noisy and ungraceful handling in the flats.

While this may be a dramatic picture to paint, we’ve all heard the stories and it illustrates why choosing the right flats boat is so important.

What Makes Dolphin Boats The People To Speak To

Dolphin Boats has been in the boating industry for over fifty years now. All of our vessels are hand crafted and made with dedication and perfection.  This type of dedication can only come from a company that builds their boats by hand and manufactures a product that they love and stand behind.  We believe in getting quality out as opposed to quantity.  We have a large range of shallow water skiffs and vessels to choose from:

We cater to your individual requirements and strive to build you the boat that will provide decades of enjoyment and wonderful memories.  Please contact us today to learn more about how to build the Dolphin Boat of your dreams.