3 Advantages of Choosing to Invest in Our Flats Boats

Posted  by Dolphin Boats on Oct 20, 2014

15-MangroveAnglers who like to troll along the shoreline or near docks will certainly find slow moving flats boats the right choice. These boats are simply ideal for fishing in shallow water and the fact that they can get to areas that regular boats cannot, is just the first of the many advantages that these boats have to offer.

The top three advantages of investing in a Dolphin Boats flats boat:

  • Each flats boat is created according to the specifications provided by the client. We work on one boat at a time to ensure attention to detail and a flawless end result.
  • Each boat is hand-crafted by our expert team members, making use of only the finest quality materials.
  • Many years of safe and efficient service are guaranteed as each boat is built to exacting NMMA standards.

Flat boats from Dolphin Boats

At Dolphin Boats, we have been building custom flats boats and shallow water fishing boats for over 54 years. Each of our completed boats exudes superior construction which results in exceptional performance and unmatched durability. If you want the finest custom built flat boat and don’t want to compromise on quality and character – our range of flat boats is for you.

Our custom hulls, designed to be extra quiet for stealth hunting, are certainly appreciated by fishermen, along with the fact that our flats boats are extremely versatile and simple to navigate. These boats also offer exceptional stability in open bays and inlets which ensures that you can move around easily and safely. Contact us today to discover why so many angling enthusiasts choose Dolphin Boats to custom design and build their flats boats.