Find These Great Fish When Fishing Off A Flats Boat

Posted  by Dolphin Boats on Dec 1, 2014

great-fishing-on-flats-boatsIf you are ready to take your flats boat out on the water and get some serious angling done, why not keep an eye out for some Yellowtail Kingfish. These are great fish to encounter on the flats and many pro anglers have earned themselves a sizable catch going after this prize.

Attracting your catch with bait is a well known element of any flats fishing occasion, but keep in mind that each fish species is different, so cater to that. If you want to attract more Yellowtail Kingfish to your bait, try using pink balloons to hold up the live bait. There is no scientific knowledge behind this flats fishing tip, but it is certainly a trick used by many flats angling enthusiasts with great success.

How to use pink balloons as a live bait float:

If you want to avoid leader line twists and tangles (which can happen if you tie the balloon off to the bait end of the swivel) simply tie the balloon off to the rod end of the swivel.

Other popular fish species to look out for on the flats include Redfish, Bonefish, Tarpon, Black Drum, Trout and Hake.

Your flats boat will undoubtedly provide a stable vantage point for successful stealth fishing in shallow waters.

Advantages of Using Dolphin Boats Flats Boats

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While this is the perfect boat for a day of serious shallow water angling, you can also safely take the family along for a leisurely drift on your flats boat. To learn more about our shallow water boats for sale, contact us at Dolphin Boats without delay.