This Year, Invest In An Expertly Crafted Shallow Water Skiff And Reconnect With Nature

Posted  by Dolphin Boats on Jan 19, 2015

bay-boat-consoleIf you are looking for a peaceful angling experience where you can reconnect with nature this year, shallow water skiffs are the answer. These flats boats aren’t designed for rough seas and high waters, they are designed for fishing in shallow waters where you can relax, unwind and even enjoy some time with the family.

Fly fishing or flats fishing, whether it is done with family or friends, is undoubtedly a great way to reconnect with nature and unwind. All the lakes, streams, rivers and similar add variety to the experience. Additionally, being able to interact in a sport where you encounter a wide variety of fish species, such as sunfish, bonefish, tarpon, muskie, bass, and trout make this outdoor occasion about more than just getting the biggest catch. It’s about learning more about your surroundings and enjoying nature.

To reconnect with nature, a skiff boat is certainly the best option. An expertly crafted shallow water skiff is designed and manufactured to perfection allowing you to enjoy the tranquil angling experience these boats were intended for. The custom designed hulls of skiffs allow for easy stealth hunting and relaxation. The low sideboards add to the stability and will allow you to enjoy steady standing and safe casting.

Advantages of Investing in Skiff Boats from Dolphin Boats

  • Dolphin Boats uses 54 years of experience to create the finest custom designed flats boats based on the specifications provided by you, the client. The result? A boat that is truly yours, in every way.
  • Experts hand craft each of our boats individually while making use of the finest quality materials. The result? A high quality skiff boat designed to last.
  • All boats designed and manufactured by Dolphin boats are done so according to the strict standards of NMMA. The result? A boat which guarantees durability, safety on the water and exceptional reliability.

Whether you want to enjoy a day of successful angling or hours with the family on the flats, shallow water skiff boats are the answer. Contact us at Dolphin Boats to discuss how we can custom design and put together a shallow water fishing boat which will serve you and help you to reconnect with nature, for many years to come.