When’s The Best Time To Go Shallow Water Fishing, And What Skiff Should You Use?

Posted  by Dolphin Boats on Feb 9, 2015

superskiff-tillerIf you’re in the market for an expertly crafted shallow water skiff, Dolphin Boats has a range of shallow water boats that will assist you in finding the perfect catch. Shallow water fishing is a sport enjoyed by many people worldwide and a high quality skiff can be the difference between a hobby and a sport. The best time to go shallow water fishing is during the spring season as this is when fish move into shallow water to spawn. Most shallow water fishermen prefer to fish during dusk and dawn, as the limited light and cooler temperatures force the fish into more shallow water to feed. As for which skiff you should use, there are several options:

  • A 16’ skiff. 16’ skiffs are one of the most common types of shallow water skiffs. They are designed for long range running in open bays with a severe chop and the hull is specially constructed to keep you dry.
  • A 17’ skiff. 17’ skiffs are fast and ideal for long-range technical poling. Most 17’ skiffs can fit four people comfortably and are nimble enough to be poled in 8 feet of water. These boats can cut through chop like a knife through butter for a smooth ride.
  • An 18’ skiff. 18’ skiffs are one of the most versatile flats boats in the world and can pole in 10 feet of water. They’re incredibly stable and secure and after you’re done fishing, your whole family can fit comfortably on the boat.

Ideally you want a shallow water skiff which is small and streamlined with lightweight construction and a dynamic hull design. At Dolphin Boats, we’ve taken our decades of experience, technology and hand crafted architecture to create some of the best shallow water and flats boats on the market. Check out our inventory and you’ll see why we are the leaders in flats boats.

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