Tips On Fishing For The Spirited Red Snapper From Your Flats Boats

Posted  by Dolphin Boats on Mar 9, 2015

super-skiff-snapperIf you’re into fishing and flats boats, then catching a red snapper is probably somewhere on your to-do list. While red snappers aren’t the hardest fish to catch, it does take some preparation to get the job done efficiently.

Here are some tips to make sure your red snapper fishing expedition runs smoothly:

  • First things first, safety is always important, so make sure you do a thorough check on your boat. Whether it’s your first fishing expedition in years or you regularly set sail, make sure you’ve got your safety gear on board. Life jackets, floatation devices, horns, flares and whistles should be standard items on your flats boat.
  • Two-hook snapper rigs are generally used to catch red snappers, but there are also a few other items which may come in useful such as drift lines, as larger red snappers are often found higher up in the water.
  • When fishing for bottom fish, you might want to start off with some live bait. Use a J-hook for artificial bait. Bait that works well for red snappers includes white trout, herring and squid.
  • A good idea is to leave one of your fishing hooks bare so that any live bait you catch during the trip can be quickly hooked and cast into the water.
  • Invest in a de-hooking tool when you go fishing for red snappers because this will help you preserve the outer layer of the fish’s skin.

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