t-top-rocket-launchersFlats boats are some of the most versatile vessels on the market. They are designed specifically to be enjoyed on shallow waters, on flats and in estuaries where fish often spawn. The reason for choosing flats boats, compared to basic fishing vessels, is in their unique design, which ensures the boat skims on the surface rather than buoyantly floating in the water. This allows anglers and observers to get far closer to fish, since the fish cannot see flats boats as easily from underwater.

Flats boats are ideal for any of the following activities:

  • Rapid skimming along shallow water
  • Fishing for bass and other shallow water fish
  • Dolphin viewing and relaxing family tours along coastlines and up rivers
  • Sport and competitive fishing

What makes flat boats different?

There are a variety of benefits that flats boats can offer when compared to typical vessels. Primarily, they are great for catching fish that reside and spawn in water as shallow as two feet deep. Secondary benefits include less onboard splashing, greatly reduced friction on the water and specialized compartments, built to your specifications for fishing equipment. These benefits make flat shallow water boats ideal for both professional and casual anglers, as well as for recreational boat rides.

If you are interested in acquiring a customized shallow water boat, simply contact Dolphin Boats and speak with one of our flats boats specialists today.