The Advantages Of Having A Guide The First Time You’re Out In Your Flat Bottom Boat Is Imperative

Posted  by on Jun 15, 2015  in Blog, Flat Boats

super-skiff-tillerA flat bottom boat can give you a completely different fishing experience, unique to one you have ever experienced before. While this is an exciting venture, for first timers it can also be slightly challenging which is why one should not be afraid to hire a guide. A guide will be able to offer you an educational and exciting experience in a shallow water skiff

Why you should hire a guide when shallow water fishing for the first time 

When facing the shallows for the first time, a guide can really be of benefit to you with regards to how much enjoyment you will get out of the whole experience. For instance, if it is your goal to catch rare mangrove fish, then you need someone who is well versed in the areas to be able to take you directly to the places where these fish lurk.

Furthermore, if it is your first time on backcountry boats, you may not be too familiar with the concept of polling. This is where you cut your engine and slowly push your boat through the water with a pole. Your guide will be able to show you the best techniques to ensure you don’t scare the fish away.

Where to find flats boats for sale

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