helm-console-stiffy-poleFlats fishing in a customised shallow water boat is by far one of the most popular and enjoyable ocean activities available in Florida. Ideal for solo sportsmen as well as groups and families, a day out around the Florida Keys is filled with stunning natural scenery and exciting fishing opportunities.

However, the water temperature, air temperature and weather patterns all affect your chances of success with particular species of fish. If you want the best chances for success on your fishing expedition, the time of year you choose for your trip is very important.

  • Tarpon fishing – From February through July the Tarpon season is in full swing, peaking in May and June. This is the time you’re most likely to find the biggest prizes.
  • Bonefish fishing – If you are after these fish, you need to plan your trip when the water is warm, generally from March to the end of October, with the biggest fish appearing from June onwards.
  • Sea trout and Redfish – These fish are available in their largest numbers around the Keys from November to February.
  • Barracuda fishing – December to the end of March offers you the best chance of catching the biggest Barracuda in the area.
  • Mangrove Snapper – If you are looking for the best opportunity to fish this species, choose to plan your trip any time from September to the end of March.
  • Permit fishing – A favorite for flats fishermen, the best time to find these fish is from late February to mid April (the pre-spawn season) or in June and July.
  • Crevalle Jack fishing – This offers year-round fishing opportunities as they are never out of season and always present in large numbers.

Your International Flats Fishing Calendar For The Year

If you want to expand your horizons, there are many national and international destinations which feature exceptional flats fishing on their annual calendars, including:

  • January: Hawaii – Oahu
  • February: Australia – Exmouth
  • March: Kiribati – Christmas Islands
  • April: Mauritius – St. Brandon’s Atoll
  • May: Mexico – Ascension Bay
  • June: USA – Florida Keys
  • July: Venezuela – Los Roques
  • August: Belize – Turneffe Atoll
  • September: French Polynesia – Tetiaroa
  • October: USA – New Orleans
  • November: Cook Islands – Aitutaki
  • December: Bahamas – Andros

With all of these fabulous destinations just waiting to offer you a world-class experience, you can prepare for a truly amazing year on your Dolphin Boat.

At Dolphin Boats, we manufacture a range of custom flats boats of the highest quality, designed to enhance the shallow water and backcountry fishing experience. For more information on flats fishing or our range of specialized Dolphin flats boats for sale, contact us today.