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superskiff-pro161There are few activities as pleasurable as enjoying a trip out on your shallow water boat. However, a peaceful day out can quickly turn into trouble if you aren’t prepared for rough weather. Dolphin Boats is here to offer some great tips to keep you safe while you’re enjoying shallow water adventures.

  1. Check weather reports regularly – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is an invaluable resource that will be able to tell you the forecast for your trip and keep you informed of any changing weather. Here, you can also find helpful tide charts,  sea surface temperature information and wind forecasts.
  2. Wear a few light layers – While heavy layers may be sensible on land, they can only weigh you down on the water. It’s better to wear a few lighter layers that you can strip off in the event of warm weather and replace when it’s colder. It’s best to ensure that your outermost layer is waterproof in order to protect you from rain or spray.
  3. Know your boat – Due to their flat hull, shallow water skiffs are more limited in their ability to handle rough weather than traditionally shaped boats. What’s more, these will differ from boat to boat, so the limitations on a 16’ Renegade Pro will be different from those of a 17’ Superskiff Pro. Knowing exactly what your boat can handle in terms of wind speed and choppy water is essential to keeping you, your passengers and your boat safe and sound.
  4. Safety first – Regardless of how valued your shallow water skiff may be, don’t ever risk your own safety trying to protect it. Before heading out, ensure everyone with you, including children, is wearing certified life jackets that meet U.S. Coastguard requirements. While many people don’t take this boating regulation seriously, wearing a life jacket is the easiest way to prevent serious injury and death at sea during adverse weather conditions.
  5. Weather moves quickly – Whether it’s a small storm on the horizon or rain clouds arriving overhead, it’s important to remember that bad weather travels quickly and gathers momentum. Storms are also a fairly regular occurrence along coasts, bringing lightening, heavy rain and hail. Always keep an eye on the weather around you and if it looks like it is changing, head back in.

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