shallow-water-canoeFor many people who travel to Florida to fish, one thing is on their minds, how to spend the vacation getting great catches in the mangroves around the Keys. Follow this guide full of great tips on catching the highly-prized mangrove snapper from flats boats specialists.

The Mangrove Snapper Season 

The best time of year for mangrove snapper is from September to the end of March. They are typically greyish red in color and have a dark stripe running across the eye, when looking at the fish from above. These fish range in size from up to 35 inches in length, are a great fighting game fish and are tasty too, making them a favorite.

Where To Find Mangrove Snapper 

These fish are found in a wide variety of habitats around the Keys, from grass flats and mangrove groves to shallow inlets and canals. They thrive in fresh as well as brackish water, usually less than 50 meters below the surface.

What Is The Best Bait? 

While you can use artificial lures and bait, the best bait for these fish is live or frozen shrimp, or you could also use squid and minnows. It is recommended that you use the bait on a bare hook with no weight, simply casting right up next to mangrove limbs from a good distance away. A jig with a small piece of bait on the hook will also work well if you work it up and down towards the boat more vigorously than you would a line.

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