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Experience Adrenaline-Filled Shark Fishing Off Your Flat Bottom Boat

Posted  by on Oct 19, 2015  in Blog, Flat Boats

advtShark fishing has become a big draw for anglers in Florida, especially for newcomers to the sport who want a real fight. This is something that only an apex predator can really deliver. When it comes to flats fishing on shallow-water boats, sharks provide great opportunities for an adrenaline-filled experience.

What is the best time for flats shark fishing?

The cooler winter months are considered the best time to go shark fishing, although they are around in fairly plentiful numbers year-round. They tend to enjoy the cooler water, between 50 and 60 degrees, and can often be spotted easily in the shallow waters.

What sharks can you fish?

There are many shark species in the Florida waters but many are protected or semi-protected.

In both Gulf and Atlantic waters, the minimum size limit for a shark is 54 inches for length and only one per angler or two per vessel is allowed. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have a full list of protected shark and sawfish species here, along with tips on how to successfully catch and release sharks (including protected species).

The most popular sharks for fishing include the Blacktip and Bonnethead, as they are great game fish as well as a tasty meal if properly prepared.

What is the best bait for shark fishing?

This generally depends on the type of shark you are aiming for. Blacktips like cut bait and shrimp (even frozen) while Bonnetheads will go for any kind of small live fish or cut bait. Bull sharks prefer fresh-cut Barracuda, Mako go for Mullet or Mackerel and Spinner sharks have good success on live Pilchards.

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