The Best Baits For The Top Shallow Water Game Fish

Posted  by on Nov 16, 2015  in Blog, Flat Boats

When it comes to fishing off a shallow water skiff in the flats, knowing your bait is just as important as knowing the fish you’re after. Here are some great tips to follow:

  • Redfish. One of the most sought-after shallow water game fish, these respond well to blue crabs. Using these as bait has several advantages, including they are easy to prepare and easy to keep alive until you need them. To prepare them, simply remove legs and pincers by breaking them off, then remove the top shell and cut the crab in half.
  • Shark. If you get a license, shark fishing is one of the most exciting fishing adventures the flats have to offer. The best baits differ from species to species, but small, live fish and shrimp are a great go-to bait for Blacktips and Bonnetheads, while Bull sharks prefer fresh cut barracuda and Spinner sharks prefer live pilchards.
  • Tarpon. Another favorite, tarpon, are generally caught on live bait such as small crabs and small fish, but there is still considerable success reported on dead baits like mullet heads and cut mullet as well.
  • Permit. These fish are a superb sports fish, proving to be a challenge even for experienced fishermen. The best bait for these fish include small live crabs, dead crab and dead lobster.
  • Bonefish. Another game fish with a great reputation is bonefish, a challenging and highly technical fishing experience. Live shrimp are the best bait for these fish, but dead sardine pieces and crabs are also great options.
  • Snook. These fish are fearsome predators with sharp, pike-like teeth, as well as significant strength and speed, making them a popular game fish. The best bait for catching snook include live shrimp and live bait fish like mullet, menhaden or pinfish.

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