Buyer’s Guide: Purchasing Your First Flats Boat

Posted  by on Sep 1, 2016  in Flat Boats

If you have a passion for shallow water fishing and want to invest more of your time in your hobby, then buying a flats boat is your next big step.  However, it’s important that you find the right flats boat for sale and are able to make a properly informed purchasing decision.  Here are some buyer’s tips from Dolphin Boats:

  1. New or used? New boats are the more expensive choice, so it might be tempting to look at second hand boats for sale.  However, you’ll need to get a full history of the boat and have it professionally evaluated so that you know what kind of repairs and maintenance you’re looking at.   Beware, you could end up spending even more than you planned.  Be aware that new boats will also offer the best technology and features on the market, which is something that you or your guests would find invaluable at sea.
  2. Prioritize: Different shallow water skiffs and flats boats offer different features and, depending on how you want to use your boat, some of these features will be more useful than others.  Talk to different boat manufacturers as well as avid anglers to find out what these features are and then divide them into things that are essential to your needs and those that would be more optional.
  3. Compare prices, quality and features: Prices vary massively from boat to boat, so it’s important to make comparisons between different models and companies before you make a final decision, rather than going with the first one you see.  Keep in mind that cheaper boats may be manufactured from lower quality materials and equipment.  This could ultimately cost you more in maintenance and repairs, while high quality boats will cost you more initially but spend far less time out of the water being maintained.

Hand-Crafted, Superior Quality Flats Boats For Sale

Dolphin Boats is devoted to the craft of flat bottom boats.  Building each boat by hand, we aim to create enduring quality and character through superior craftsmanship and our particular passion for the world of flats and backcountry fishing.  For more information on flats fishing or our range of specialized Dolphin flats boats, backcountry boats and shallow water skiffs for sale (available to local and international clients) please don’t hesitate to contact us today.